Yet Another Journey: Software Development for Sustainable Development

we are excited to announce a new partnership with Generation for African Relief And Development GARAD, a non-governmental organization that strives to promote sustainable development and humanitarian assistance in Africa and funded by GIZ-Ethiopia country office to develop their new website.

As a seasoned software company in Ethiopia with a team of professional website designers and developers, we are working to make sure that the new website will be a vital tool for GARAD to showcase their work, connect with potential partners, and raise awareness about the importance of sustainable development in Africa. we are committed to using our expertise to support organizations that are making a positive impact on our communities.

We are confident that our partnership with GARAD will be a successful one, and we look forward to working together to create a website that will help them achieve their goals.

Thank you GARAD, for choosing Qemer Tech as your partner, be sure to expect a fully functional, highly responsive, and visually stunning website.

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